Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nostalgic New Hampshire:
Seeing Fall Colors of the New England area was something we (me & my beloved wife Sukanya) always did dream about. Last year (2008) we really planned for some time out from our daily chores of life to be there at the right time. And how much correct that decision proved to be. We went to the lonely New Hampshire from our busy New Jersey in early October - and immediately became speechless seeing the glimpse of nature in its very best. The picture beside shows an example of the heavenly roads we travelled by. The rich colors, the combination of red, maroon,orange, yellow and green, the empty roads all added up to an out of the world feeling which is impossible to describe in words.

After a night stay in our hotel - we started off for our journey towards Lake Echo. It was a common scene to see mountains after mountains colored with bright red, orange and yellow. Its a different feeling when you see a whole mountain dressed up for you with such vibrancy rather than seeing isolated trees here and there with colors. From a rope way trolley when we were seeing the dark blue waters of Lake Echo amongst end less mountains - it was an unbelievable feeling to say the least.

We visited Mount Washington on the same day - via a steep, muddy and risky drive towards the top. Fearing every moment whether my sedan will survive the dangerous slopes and muddy slippery roads somehow we reached the top. And wonderful it was at the top convincing us that every bit of risk taken in the drive was worth every single penny. It was different all together - no trees were visible on that terribly cold top, not a single presence of any green leaf - it was stones in multitude and various colors. With the clouds playing their own games with the sun - top of Mt Washington was mesmerizing in its own standards.

Mount Washington is also reachable via the two compartment train - known to be going via one of the steepest railway in the world. Though we didn't ride the same but when we saw the train reaching the top huffing and puffing with its full force it was a scene to be observed. People gathered to take photos as soon as its black engine was visible. I took a shot as beside when it was going down. You can imagine the angle and slope by which it travels seeing only the back of the train is visible but the engine already gone down though its only a two compartment train.

It was worth one day of travel for numerous miles of drive. You don't feel tired when you go through God's own color palette. We were satisfied immensely for one day and was preparing for the next - we only had two days of vacation - so a feeling was there to cover as much as we can in the following last day. We covered miles of colorful roads beyond description, met scores of bikers on their big machines and leathers, driven all through those curvy roads throughout the day. Colors and colors and colors against the bright blue sky was our companion all the way. Perhaps I am boring you all with the same superlatives again and again - but that how you feel when you are in New Hampshire in its peak Fall time - short of adjectives & superlatives.

End of the day which we never wanted to get finished - we started towards our home. Our soul was still finding its own way to stay there. Tired and melancholy as one should be at the end of such an wonderful journey we stopped by a lake to gather some last bit of memories. A small beautiful house on the other side of the lake took our breath away again. The mountain on the other side was again rich with all the colors in the world and this small white house amongst them was like a pearl among many invaluable jewels. It feels your heart when you get a chance to see anything like this, you become silent, you become isolated, you feel yourself out of this busy world.

We got back home - leaving those wavy roads behind, leaving the colors behind, leaving those mountains behind which will keep our hearts full with wonder and joy forever. We got back to the daily hassle and bassle, the traffic and the honks, the office times and the meeting schedules. It was really a journey from heaven to earth and nobody understood it better than we two. Fall in New Hampshire or in that specific New England region is something everyone should visit at least once in their life time. No place in United States dresses up that gorgeously during any season which we experienced in New Hampshire - the Color Palette of God.



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